Cultural Change Management

Working with London Ambulance Service for 16 months to improve the culture within the trust, by addressing Bullying and building respectful behaviours across teams.

We improved face to face communication and  began to embed conflict resolution skills amongst all ranks of operational and support staff.

Outcomes included

  • Diagnostics of the issues involved in bullying allegations with clear project plans developed from key stakeholders views
  • Bespoke training developed to improve Bullying and Harassment awareness delivered to 800 staff
  • A reviewed of policies including the grievance process to promote early conflict resolution
  • Training for over 70 staff in  “round table methodology” for reducing conflict within teams
  • The launch of a Respect and Dignity ambassador scheme for the early resolution of bullying issues

This project contributed to improvements in sick leave and staff turnover.  The friends and family test rated London Ambulance Service with an improvement, whilst overall staff retention improved across services.

NHSE featured the work at LAS as a case study citing good practice in 2017